Making Disciples Through Business, Among the Least Reached

international businessIn the summer of 2011, two business men were discussing ways of mobilizing more business people into the task of fulfilling the Great Commission, through their businesses.  There are millions of sincere followers of Jesus who are involved in business, who often do not realize how strategic their business can be in reaching others with the Gospel of Christ.

In November of 2011, a larger group of business people and mission leaders gathered in Kansas City, Missouri to discuss how to increase the number of business people who are engaged in profitable ventures that also make disciples among the least reached.

Jesus told us to make disciples of all nations, and yet millions live in cultures and locations that are largely isolated from access to the life-giving message of the kingdom of God.

Business is a natural context for developing healthy relationships through which the message of Christ can be shared: with customers, employees, vendors, and the community in which the business is based.  So how do we accomplish this?

Buck Jacobs at NewVo AtlantaIn the Fall of 2012, an international group of business people and mission leaders met in Atlanta, Georgia for a three day conference to hear from experts  in various fields on what is necessary to create international and/or cross-cultural businesses, through which disciples for Jesus can result.  Issues regarding cross-cultural dynamics and minefields, international law, taxes, tracking a spiritual bottom-line in business, and how to find venture capital for kingdom businesses. Who are the least reached and where we can find them, among other topics, were all presented and discussed.  Presenters included people in the fields of law, finance, world mission, and business.

The NewVo Business Network is a community of business people who want to help each other make disciples through business, among those who have the least chance of hearing the gospel.  This often means cross-cultural and/or international business.

Cross-cultural and international business is often several levels of magnitude more complex than conducting business in one’s own culture, community or nation.  The NewVo network is a place where you can meet others who have successfully conducted business in cross-cultural and international contexts, while also effectively sharing the gospel and, in the process, making disciples of Christ.

Business MeetingGroups of business people who have done this, or want to, are showing interest in meeting in groups around the United States and other countries. We invite those who want to learn more to contact us, and either join or start a chapter. Become part of a cutting edge group of business associates who are doing one of the most important things in the world, Fulfilling the Great Commission, while conducting successful business. In this way, we can bring blessing to whole communities with jobs, products and services that are valued and needed.

If you are interested in learning about on-ramps, practical ways to be a part of this movement of starting financially and spiritually profitable businesses among the least reached, we would love to have you be a part of the discussion and the community.