Frequently Asked Questions

What is NewVo Business?

NewVo Business is a community of business people who are interested in helping each other use their business skills to make disciples among the least reached of the world.

What does “NewVo” mean?

“NewVo” stands for “New Vocation.”  It means you should consider your business as a new vocation, one which is not just about making money, but also about making disciples among the least reached.

What does “least reached peoples” mean?

A least reached people group is a cultural group, or an ethnic group, in which there is very little witness for Christ, usually less than 2% evangelical.  For example, people who come from Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist backgrounds could be considered least reached peoples because often they come from cultures which have very little Christian witness.

What are the distinctives of the NewVo Business Network?

  • We start with business people.  Sometimes what we do is termed “business as mission.”  Often those who are interested in business as mission begin with missionaries and seek to teach them how to do business.  We instead start with business people, and seek to teach them how to make disciples in a cross-cultural business context.
  • We explicitly focus on the least reached. There are a number of groups who are seeking to promote the “business as mission” or “kingdom business” paradigm, which is tremendous.  We are seeking to do the same, but with a specific focus on doing business among the least reached.