Recommendations for equipping

We are continually looking for resources that will help us be effective in this undertaking.  We believe the following are some resources that will help.  If you are aware of others that we have missed, please let us know.

BAM Videos

Barrington Gifts    The Barrington Story (4 minutes)

Steve Rundle   Steve Rundle on Business As Mission (10 minutes)

Steve Rundle - Maximizing the impact of BAM   Steve Rundle on Maximizing the Impact of BAM (23 minutes)

Dwight Nordstrom   Dwight Nordstrom on “Larger BAM Companies” – “priceless from 40 years experience” (18 minutes)

Michael Baer   Michael Baer on Business As Mission (35 minutes)

Mats Tunehag   Mats Tunehag at Call2Business (20 minutes)

Mats Tunehag BAM Movement   Mats Tunehag on Business As Mission (29 minutes)

Daniel Jean-Louis   Daniel Jean-Louis on Doing Business in Haiti (26 minutes)

Bill Job   China: Kingdom Business (4 minutes)


World Missions Videos

John Piper   John Piper: You were made for global missions (2 minutes)


Business As Mission Websites

IBEC Ventures

Least Reached Peoples Resources

Issachar Initiative

Count for Zero: online video series

The Joshua Project

Finishing the Task


Marketplace Ministry Resources

  1. Christian Business Men’s Connection
  2. Fellowship of Companies for Christ International
  3. Pinnacle Forum
  4. CRU Marketplace
  5. Convene
  6. C12 Group
  7. The Master’s Program
  8. Corporate Chaplains of America
  9. New Canaan Society
  10. Willow Creek Association Leadership
  11. Barnabas Group
  12. Lifework Leadership
  13. Worklife
  14. Kingdom Advisors
  15. Halftime
  16. IVCF MBA Ministry
  17. CEO Forum
  18. Alpha in the Workplace
  19. Truth at Work
  20. The Centurions Program
  21. The Gideons
  22. Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International